Thursday, November 28, 2013

Friendship that i will keep forever inshallah

Dear my besty sabreena azm i wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Im truely love u..although im x show it...haha...yeka? :p Seriously bila pikir balik what happen in my Life since we know each other FORM 3 *im think* right? ~lol~ when i be first start tegur u sebab i takot jalan sowg2 & bjalan dgn pantas nya TOWARD U sbb nk ada teman!  n time tuh u buat muka plg KEREK..! Sbb tetbe ada pmpn yg TERlebih FRIENDLY + non stop TALK keep ask u mcm2 soalan...haha! but it the first day we meet and it keep until nw although have some issue or prob but we can make it it through...& i know it will be until forever..inshallah...

MY makcik2 epa & sab *love them*

Being honest for yana nya opinion sush nk jmpa kawan2 yg betol2 "right" & xused u....but its ok..when people made anything on u just let it be...Sebab ALLAH maha kaya...:)

For this entry yana just nk tell and share how much im really appreciate all my gf that stay being my good friends..Thanks gurls :) SAB, EPA, FARA (nw being preggy mommy keep be cutey alwys & welcome to our friendship hehe), IDA, EINUL,EIKI,NAD,AIMI,JIHA,ZAI (my degree classmate,housemate & all mate2 ada) ..also not forgetting my makcik2 that keep take care on me time practical hope we can stay keep in touch PRINCESS DILA, MOOMY JUNE & AWIN (she will be bride & hope she be de most happy & pretty bride *imissulasugarmommy*) frm bottom of my heart I just want to tell that im really apperciate what all u have done on me hanya ALLAH mampu mmbls jasa baik kowg suma :')

FOR MY GFF SAB! happy Birthday and im really HOPE u will be Happy alwys although u alwys pretend ur inside (i know it! keep strong baby & move on  let past be past :))...i LOVE u lar...! PERGH

she always be my good listener & never tired with repeating story & prob..

indeed! dh mcm hari friendship plak..haha


We are normal person yg xakan terlepas dari buat silap...just apa yana blh cakap kat sini im ask for apology if yana have made wrong for all time we being friend. Dear Sab i also ask for apology cause not alwys be there wth u...but if u need me just know tht i alwys be there for u...inshallah

Ok cukup lah dgn view yg agk dan sgt2 syok sendiri ini..tapi tak apa..i just want to show & share my feelin & dont know how to express it. Inshallah we will meet in next view like yana tell sebelum ni bout F2B preparation and some tips...

THANK a lot for reading my view...

xoxo & lot love frm me